kruising durocBelgische piétrain
The trade in piglets is the branch where it all started and which has remained one of our company’s central activities. Thirty years’ experience in this sector has allowed us to build up close contacts with food companies, sow businesses, manure traders and vets both at home and abroad. This enables us to provide the ‘right piglet’ at the ‘right price’ at the ‘right place’ to the customer. We also try to fulfil the customer’s requirements when it comes to vaccinations, (myco, circo, prrs, …), correct cross-breeding and the required weight. You ask, we fulfil!

NEMEGHEER provides:
  • Crosses with Belgian Piétrain
  • Crosses with German Piétrain
  • Crosses with Duroc
  • F1-castrated animals or boars for fattening

Crosses with Belgian Piétrain

Belgische PiétrainIn Belgium people have always sworn by the cross of an F1 breeding sow (e.g. Topigs 20 or Dan Bred) with the Belgian Piétrain. A strong breeding programme has resulted in the Belgian Piétrain evolving into the ‘ultimate boar’ when it comes to meat quality and slaughter profits. It also combines this with substantial growth! All of this, combined with the strong and healthy status of our company means that this piglet is gaining ground when it comes to name familiarity in the European market! This unique piglet is one of our specialities!

We maintain close contact with our breeders and ensure that the right balance between meatiness and growth is maintained.